Heelside Backroll Instruction

Tarah & Cobe explain how to go about learning your first invert

Carving drills and wake to wake jumps

Cobe & Tarah show you how to build the foundation of your riding

How to Get up Wakeboarding

Use this for yourself, your family, and your friends

How to Drive

Someone you know needs this

WWA Pro Card

Riders compete at Freedom Wake Park to earn their spot on the Pro Tour

Mizuki Takahashi

Looks shreds in the feature

Tarah Mikacich

She’s our Wonder Woman


Invented by Cobe Mikacich

Cobe Mikacich – Legend

Cobe, receiving his “Legend” award at Wake Awards

The Lake Lifestyle

Wakesurf cruising and strumming the guitar

Indy Scarecrow

Come Correct with Tarah Mikacich on

Drop N Fill

Invented by Cobe Mikacich